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List titles FREE on our database

By providing your title records to Nielsen Book you ensure that timely, accurate and comprehensive data is available to leading Internet retailers, chains, specialist and independent retailers, libraries and other book buyers worldwide.

Accurate data is crucial for users of our services, and it will help you sell more books, which is why we recommend you register for our Nielsen Title Editor Service. Nielsen Title Editor is an online editing tool which allows you to add and edit the information we hold for your titles.

Nielsen Title Editor has a number of features:

  • Extended data field set enables a comprehensive record to be created on the Nielsen Book bibliographic database, including formats, packaging and product links
  • Supports the different requirements needed for digital products
  • Enables multiple currencies including AUS$, New Zealand$, GBP and Euro pricing, allowing you to provide the appropriate price for each market
  • Easy Add function is a simple one page template for uploading records for hardbacks, paperbacks and e-book records

Nielsen Book will list your title's bibliographic details and jacket images for FREE on our database, to register for Nielsen Title Editor click here.

If you have any questions or for more information, email:

To read more about the importance of metadata for discoverability and sales, please click here.

JACKET/COVER IMAGES – We require the front cover image of your book as a JPEG file, a minimum 650 pixels high, 100 DPI, with the ISBN as the filename (no hyphens or spaces, e.g. 9781234567890.jpg).

DISTRIBUTORSTell us about the overseas publishers that you are agents for and we will list their titles with your local pricing and availability details for FREE.



Nielsen Book2Look is a book widget with search-inside functionality - click on the image above to see the widget in action and find out more.

Nielsen Book2Look is a book widget with search-inside functionality.

  • Use the Book2Look widget to market your titles via a myriad of social media including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest 
  • Link Book2Look widgets directly to online reviews and take advantage of live Twitter feeds allowing users to highlight and share passages
  • Reports can be run by your marketing and PR teams to track progress across social networks to judge your success
  • Generate QR codes
  • Add video, audio, links and reviews
  • Author accounts allow your authors to access create and edit ‘Biblets’

For further information, a demonstration or a quote contact:

Nevena Nikolic
Sales & Marketing Manager - New Zealand